Data storage and security from £?? per year Oops! this page is in construction 27th June 2017 onwards

We create huge amounts of data when we make a film. Projects can be as much as 10TB each (ten million floppy discs in old money).

We now offer data back-up and retrieval services either remotely for packages below 3TB or via high security studio servers for data packages above 3TB.

This page tells you how your data is stored, its security and the retrieval services we offer for your ongoing projects or PR requirements.


We aim to provide the highest quality hosted infrastructure supported by a 2N infrastructure for our clients to host their applications and content. 

We use a fully resilient IP transit network built to a true 2N specification.


The site is manned 24x7 by dedicated security teams who, in conjunction with physical security barriers around the perimeter of the site, 24x7 monitored CCTV, access card restricted multi-layer access points, and ensure the physical security of the site and our clients’ data is kept secure.

Power, cooling & UPS

The data halls are cooled by multiple chilled water cooling systems with independent sets of pumps, pipework, chillers and air handlers. This ensures that any failure does not affect the overall running temperature of the site. Some of our chillers are pictured to the right.

Mains Power And UPS The power infrastructure is a true 2N configuration from high voltage through to rack supplies. That means we have an ‘A+B’ configuration to deliver power, with the ‘A’ being an exact mirror of the ‘B’. Each rack is delivered with two independent power feeds, fed from separate PDUs, which in turn are fed from separate UPS. These UPS are fed from separate switchgear and transformers, to give true diversity.

The UPS are supported from banks of batteries (pictured right) which supply power in the event of a mains power failure.

We operate an N+1 configuration for our diesel generators, with a 48 hour supply of fuel on site. These are tested monthly to ensure they’re in good operational order.

Fire Protection 

Addressable fire system that’s monitored 24/7 with an increased density of detectors for early warning of any possible fire risks.

The fire system is control room monitored, and staff are present 24/7 to respond to any alarms.

In the event of a fire being detected, we have the option to deploy and automatic extinguishing system. This IG55 system comprises of the inert gases argon and nitrogen being kept in gas bottles at high pressure. A system of pipework connects the gas bottle to a distribution system and discharge nozzles. When the gas is released it reduces the oxygen content in the room to put out any fire.

Our network utilises MPLS technology with 50ms re-route for fast convergence on fibre cut, with dual on site Juniper MX routers providing resilient downstream capacity to further layers of routers to terminate servers and customers. The site is protected with separate fibre paths to geographically diverse carrier POP’s where we exchange traffic with multiple upstream carriers, peering exchange points and private peers. Core routers at all sites have dual supervisor engines, n+1 switching fabric cards, and n+1 PSUs from dual feed power sources for maximum possible protection. We maintain fast response advance replacement service agreements with our vendors to ensure we’re able to recover from any loss of resilience and restore full health quickly and reliably.

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