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Rick Cresswell part of the UK Medical Emergency Trama and Response team, shown in this sequence with some of the team in the Jordainan desert at the World Health Organisation. Other images are from NHS research projects.

Invited to House of CommonsUK Team in the desertUK Med at WHO Jordan CGI virus structures for training

Team talk facilities feedback for 2016


“I am so excited to be able to offer our clients the absolute ultimate in camera quality. In the autumn of 2016 we received our ffth brand new production camera. It is the URSA 4.6K! This camera is above 4K (above ultra high definition). We’ve been filming in 4K for a while now, we’ve just moved the bench mark up to nearly 5K with Black Magic Design’s 4.6K URSA range” Rick Cresswell DP Director Producer.


“Our London team are working on some exciting drone gimble solutions for our BMDCC cameras. In addition, this summer we purchased the latest +4k drone systems from DJI. The results are breathtaking”. Paul Ridler Systems Specialist.  


"We invested in a wide range of matched pairs of Asahi (Pentax and Takumar) prime lenses. Rick and I used these famous lenses in our old art school days and they are just so beautiful for film use. In addition, for corporate work we have a new range of latest Canon prime and zoom offerings with focal lenths from 8mm-300mm and F stop ranges from f1.4-f32”. Sharon Cresswell Production Manager.


"DaVinci Resolve Studio was undoutably our most exciting software investment in 2014 with a version 12 installation early this year. It is installed on all our edit suites for colour grading and editing.” Paul Ridler Systems Specialist.

BMD and ATEM for live events

“BMD Cameras with Sony ENG/EFG full sized cameras fed into the BMD ATEM Televsion Studio rack system is the idea solution for small and large events, either on location or in our OB vans” Rick Cresswell DP Director Producer.

BMD cameras with ATEM

“ATEM picks up a range of cameras very easily. One common setup we use is 3x BMCCs with a large Sony TV broadcast camera (and powerful zoom lens) as camera one” Paul Ridler Systems Specialist.

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