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We have made this page to help you and help us understand exactly what you want to purchase. It is also crucial for us to guarantee our services to you. This page creates an automated record of your requirements and our delivery. This is especially important for low budget productions because they are often client managed.

If you would like to use these quote forms please appreciate that we will assume you know what your talking about, and don’t require consultation. If in doubt give us a call today.


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Non-account Holders

Non-account holders are obliged to pay 100% upfront for booking filmshoots, especially on short notice. In some cases we may accept a 50% booking as a part payment.

Account Holders

Account holders are obliged to pay 33% upfront (on booking), 33% after filming and can then enjoy upto 30 days credit after satisfactory completion of post production for productions above 3K. For productions under 3K the structure is 50% upfront and then 50% after completion. 

Credit Account Holders

TV news companies who have a CREDIT account and are on our system are not required to pay upfront costs. Current account holders include: BBC, Channel 4, ITN, ITV, SKY, Celedor, Bloomberg, ABC and NRK1. All new news or general production companies must pay at least 50% fees before we go to a shoot. Please call to check to see if you have been added to our system since this information was posted.

Booking Payments

Booking payments are ‘booking payments’ and encourage us to set up staff and equipment workflow for your project. Please give us at least seven days notice to cancel a production if you change your mind. This is so that you will have a good chance of receiving a refund, or part refund that has not already been appropriated to costs associated with your project. When you book a production you set in motion a series of events that are remunerative. For example pre-production costs may include: special equipment hire, stock purchases or pre-production fees for planning, scripting and storyboarding.

General Information

Over 20 years in the business we recognise at least three types of clients who fall into the following remunerative categories:

(a) Those who know exactly what they want and understand the normal costs associated with media. 

(b) Those new to media and want to dip their toe in the water and control their project closely. 

(c) Entrepreneurs oftern maverick characters who know what it takes to stand out an win.

The video production industry generally works on a three staged payment system.

We use a two (for projects under £3k) or a three stage payment system dependent on the value of the production and whether or not it involves pre-production.

There are a number of reasons for this as follows: 

1) This system keeps the project moving quickly and is proven in keeping everyone alert. 

2) Production companies usually do a lot of research and pool resources very early on in the process, including bringing to a project some fairly exotic equipment and expert personnel. 

3) Something people might not want to hear is that this methodology gently separates 'the serious’ from the ‘dreamers'. 

Contracts are a fairly unnecessary additional expense in the creative sector for productions under £10,000. This is because projects below this figure are usually heavily dependant on the ‘creatives' subjective responsibility in converting an imagined client idea in to a working reality. Creative and subjective are not great words in contracts. 

However, we do regularly sign contracts for larger projects and can provide legal services where and when required, though there will be a cost for this. We can normally absorb some contract costs for projects between £10,000 - 100,000. Projects above this figure will have a dedicated solicitor throughout the production process.

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