Paul Ridler system specialist

Paul has been working at the cutting edge of emerging communication technologies since the early days of Maplin Electronics in 1983. Paul and a team of fellow Maplin gurus imported the earliest computer systems for business in the UK. They wrote the POS code and built the hardware for this point of sale revolution. At that time this involved sending digital data through packet radio, before its use through the internet.

Paul has excelled in delivery across a broad range of environments, especially in sound, lighting and theatre. He has worked with many live bands including Pink Floyd and public arena events like Just 10. His knowledge of systems, media and the internet; ensures that whatever happens, the show will go on.

While we are predominantly a video media company we have built and manage over 50 current websites. Paul has been writing computer code since 1981 and is an expert in PHP, ASP, HTML, HTML 5, SQL, Java and a broad range of earlier formats.

As a company we enjoy various levels of security clearance in military and medical organisations.

Call: 01392 495778 

Mobile: 07415 927711


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