Sharon Cresswell production manager

Sharon has been in the centre of promotional and educational projects for over twenty years, working within the demanding environments of television, medicine, education and corporate video. These areas of production utilise a creative use of video, film, still photography, animation and web-based workflow.

Sharon has a broad experience in all aspects of production from management and planning through to camera operations and editing. She is also a trained camera operator, sound engineer and video editor.

Sharon’s twofold academic field of interest is the philosophical concept of space, non-space and entropy. In her creative work, these subjects involve film projects involving time-lapse photography, video and ice sculpture and the use of screen based technologies as fine art ‘installation’. Sharon has a keen mind for aesthetic considerations and her skill set comes to play in both concept, design and quality control in the company’s production workflow.

Sharon’s background as an HCP developed into work for care for the family, financial coaching and psychotherapeutic counselling. These experiences naturally feed into much of our communications and media work in healthcare the NHS sector. These areas of experience include special needs, dementia, diabetes research and surgery.

Call: 01392 495778 

Mobile: 07757 902862


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