Green care

Carbon, Recycling and Care

OUR PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT IS NOW POWERED BY THE SUN! That means batteries, computers, lights and sound recorders. Since our production vehicles have become solar powered we now generate more free green energy than we need to make your productions.

Many years ago we moved away from Halogen lighting systems to LED and Florescent ‘ballast’ systems requiring as much as 90% less energy than traditional production lighting rigs. In addition, we now exclusively use recyclable Lithium Ion batteries for EFP & ENG (Electronic Field Production and Electronic News Production), again requiring less energy and greater cell life. 99% of outgoing correspondence is digital. All remaining waste paper is taken offsite shredded and created into gardening compost. Staff undertake car sharing policy.

We have a dedicated FTP system for client digital delivery, avoiding the use of endless CD/DVD plastics usage and postage. For television we have a direct-to-broadcast server workflow avoiding the use of tape. We use both ‘Green’ hard disk or solid state systems and have fully dispensed with tape or disc mastering for storage. 

We are actively involved in the promotion of companies and charities that create and assist in renewable sources of ecological energy and overseas aid for both Christian or humanitarian welfare.

We did the maths on vehicle damage and as a result buy second hand vans and vehicles because their footprint has already happened, and as a result we create far less ongoing environmental damage by keeping previously owned vehicles on the road with regular servicing and care. This is in contrast to the extreme damage by car factories creating new ‘trendy' environmental cars. All our vehicles meet the strict London emission rules and regulations. 

Equipment that is no longer required by our team is either given away to charities or sold at low cost to UK or overseas production companies.

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